me-bw About Me

Matthew is a creative spirit who thrives on self-expression. His life revolves around the pursuit of raw emotions and the spark that ignites the human experience. 

With a background in communication, marketing, and lifestyle photography, Matthew embraces the technical side of his work. Researching the latest equipment and lenses fuels his creative fire, allowing him to play with light and capture it perfectly.

A true romantic, Matthew draws inspiration from cinematography and his favorite Netflix shows.

At work, Simone is a master of composition. He wields his gimbal like a second nature, ensuring every fleeting moment is captured flawlessly. Color correction is an art form for him, a constant pursuit to find the perfect harmony between captured sound, image, and evocative soundtrack.

“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.”

 – Berenice Abbott –

I believe in the power of love to ignite a spark that makes life truly extraordinary. Surrounded by couples who share that passion, I founded Matthew Deguara Videography. Our mission is to bring a fresh perspective to wedding cinematography, one that’s bold, infused with personality, and constantly evolving.

For me, it’s about more than just capturing your wedding day. We want to create a visual legacy that reflects the values you hold dear and celebrates the art of love in a way that honors your heritage and enriches your future memories. This relentless pursuit of meaning drives everything we do.